Transforming Your Work

For Organization, Company, SMEs, Association & Personal

Transform The The Way You Work

Use Google Workspace as the transformation platform for your personal, work, organization and company. Work efficiently, effectively with Google Workspace and Google Apps.

Google Workspace Features


  • Custom Business Address with or .my with Google Workspace

  • Access your email anytime, anywhere and on any devices.

  • Ads Free (Google Workspace Only).

  • Spam Free, with Google's AI and Machine Learning, all the spam email is being isolated.

  • A lot of premium features available and free to use.

Google Drive

  • Convert your hard-copy papers, documents and save your files into Google Drive

  • Access your files anytime, anywhere and on any devices

  • Share your content online with colleague, friends, family, etc

  • Low Cost! 15GB storage for gmail users. Starting at 30GB for Google Workspace users.

Google Meet

  • Video conference anywhere any time with any devices.

  • Create easily in Google Classroom, or Google Calendar.

  • Features such as Blur Background, Chrome Tab Sharing, Virtual Background is available*

  • More features coming soon!*

*Based on Google Workspace Plan.

Google Chat (previously Hangout)

  • Chat with your family, friends, colleagues any where any time with any devices

  • Easy access to your Chat via or your Gmail Apps in mobile phone/tablet.

  • Able to send files, schedule meetings, create room for collaboration, create and assign tasks, create documents and integrate easily with bots . (Google Workspace users only)

Google Calendar

  • Arrange your time, meeting and event easily in any devices.

  • Schedule your online meeting, integrating with Google Meet.

  • Schedule your offline meeting integrating with Google Maps to directly bring you to the meeting destination.

Google Docs

  • Save paper, reduce the usage of paper by using Google Docs

  • Real-time collaboration with easy sharing with controls all in your hand

  • Record down your idea, anywhere, anytime and in any devices with keep the draft all in single file

  • Chat discussion, comment assigned function, google search all without leaving google docs.

Google Sheets

  • Link import data between Sheets, Docs, Slides and Sites.

  • Template such as budget, invoice, Gantt Chart, receipt, assignment tracker,PO, expenses report, financial statement and etc is available for edit.

  • Data analysis, data extraction, data review all made possible with thousand of formula to be used

Google Slides

  • real-time collaborations and updates with easy sharing

  • add link from google docs, sheets, slides, you just need to update the main link to get all others updated

  • share and present on any devices, anytime, anywhere

  • Q&A link can be enabled during presentation so that your presentation is not disrupted while audience will not forget what they want to ask during Q&A section.

Google Form Logo

Google Form

  • No need to convert received surveys and forms into digital

  • Can be transformed into Quiz, Surveys,Registration System, Quotation, Feedback Form and etc

  • Real-time response, get notification of each response with add-ons

  • Data can be exported to Google Sheets for analysis

  • Go Green! Save papers!

Google Sites

  • WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get)

  • Easy Website Creator, no programming needed

  • Quickly embed Youtube video or image with just URL

  • Embed Google Docs, Sheets, Slides with real time updates

  • Good for landing page design

Google Assistant

  • Your personal Intelligent Assistant

  • Ask any question to Google Assistant ranging from Astrology, Geography to Mathematics, Conversion Calculation, News and Weather.

  • Instruct your Google Assistant to perform operation in your devices like muting your sound, increase your volume, send a message, call a person, navigate you to a place and so on...

Google Classroom

  • Interactive Learning with Assignments, Questions, Discussions, Announcements features

  • Remote learning and after school learning made possible.

  • Available in all devices: Computers, Android, Iphone, Tablets

  • Marking/Grading System setting: Total Points, Weighted by Category

Google Groups

  • Google groups allow creating node/PDL to group your employee to ease sharing/sending email, documents to a group of employee with same location or job function.

  • You can customize with with Google Workspace account or for gmail account.

Google Keep

  • Google Keep allows collaborate with your colleagues on notes, lists, photos, audio, and drawings.

  • You can add notes anywhere, any time in any devices

  • Smart Reminder - Set Google Keep to remind you specific note when it's time or when you arrive at specific places.

Google App Script

  • Allows user to build Workspace Automation, customize solution to further extend Google Workspace's ability.

  • Apps Script lets you build with HTML, CSS and JavaScript – no need to learn a new proprietary framework.

  • Automate your task such as emailing, adding Google Contacts, creating calendar in Google Calendar, Google Sheet/Docs/Forms automation all with App Script.

Google Currents

  • Currents - formally Google plus, helps your organization to have a platform in engaging your employee.

  • The interface is similar to Facebook whereby employee or management team can post any updates, discussion and announcement and comment can be made in the posts.

Google Admin Console

  • Manage Google Workspace for your organization with Admin Console

  • Easily add users, manage devices, and configure security and settings so your data stays safe. Administration shouldn't need a manual.

  • Enforce the use of security keys. Block access to untrusted apps. Enhanced scanning for email threats.

  • The Google Admin app for Android or iOS lets administrators manage their account on the go. Add users, reset passwords, view audit logs, contact support and more.

Google Vault*

  • Keep track of what matters. Retain, search and export your organization’s data from selected apps with Vault for Google Workspace Business and Enterprise editions.

  • Get a handle on things. Set retention rules and holds on data from certain Google Workspace apps for an entire domain or specific organizational units.

  • Give your legal team what they need to stay prepared. Vault allows you to preserve your users’ data from specific Google Workspace apps with holds.

*Specific Google Workspace Plan Only

Google Endpoint Management*

  • Manage your employee's device from one place - with a smart central security system.

  • Endpoint management for Android, iOS, Windows, Chrome OS, MacOS and Linux is easy to set up and use.

  • Allow employee to Bring your own device (BYOD)

*Specific Google Workspace Plan Only

Google Cloud Search*

  • Get all the information that you need with just a search.

  • From Gmail and Drive to Docs, Sheets, Slides, Calendar and more, Cloud Search can search across your company’s content.*

*Specific Google Workspace Plan Only

Google Work Insights*

  • Get product adoption insights for Gmail, Drive, Calendar, Docs, Sheets, and Slides at the domain, team, group, organizational level.

  • Build relationships. Foster connections. Reduce silos. Analyze trends around file sharing, document co-editing, and meetings.

  • Work Insights can help surface trends on usage of legacy applications, helping to understand how they are decreasing as the organization makes the transition to Google Workspace.

*For Google Workspace Enterprise Account Only

Google Workspace Plan & Package

FREE Plan @gmail

Register your FREE Gmail account at

  • Able to access most of the basic of the Google Workspace features

  • Account will have 15GB Google Storage with Gmail address.

  • Good for personal, micro Businesses.

Refer to the video on the left if you are not sure how to register a free gmail account.

Business Plan (Users < 300)

Business Starter

RM30 / user / month

*Include taxes

✅ Custom and secure business email

✅ 100 participant video meetings

✅ 30 GB cloud storage per user

✅ Security and management controls

✅ Standard support

Business Standard

RM58 / user / month

*Include taxes

✅ Custom and secure business email

150 participant video meetings + recording

2 TB cloud storage per user

✅ Security and management controls

✅ Standard support

Business Plus

RM86 / user / month

*Include taxes

✅ Custom and secure business email + eDiscovery, retention

250 participant video meetings + recording, attendance tracking

5 TB cloud storage per user

Enhanced security and management controls, including Vault and advanced endpoint management

✅ Standard support

Enterprise Plan

Enterprise Essentials

RM?? / user / month

Use along side with your Organization's Outlook

✅ 150 participant video meetings

1 TB cloud storage per user, pooled

Enhanced support

Enterprise Standard

RM?? / user / month

Custom and secure business email

250 participant video meetings + Live Stream (10k) + Meeting Rooms

✅ Cloud Storage: As much as you need*

Enhanced security and management controls, including Vault, CIP, Advance Data Loss Prevention and advanced enterprise control and customization

Enhanced support

Enterprise Plus

RM??? / user / month

Custom and secure business email

250 participant video meetings + Live Stream (100k) + Meeting Rooms + AI Noise Cancellation

✅ Cloud Storage: As much as you need*

Enhanced security and management controls, including Enterprise Standard functionality + Compliance certifications, Security Center

AppSheet PRO & Work Insight

Enhanced support

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