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What To Do Before Building a Website?

Website has become the requirement for most businesses. So how do you start a website?

There is a few choices out in the market depending on your budget and plan. The first thing is to set the objective of building your business's website.

Is the website mainly for brand awareness purpose? Or will it requires e-commerce function that customers could buy your products online? Or it will be use showcase your products or services in a blog format.

You can have multiple objectives, and make sure to include both short-term plan and long-term plan of your website.

What To Consider for Building a Website?

There is a lot of choices on how you would want to build a website, depending to your budget, objective and capabilities.

Example of the objective and capabilities:

First, determine on which platform you wanted your website to be:

1) Full-stack developer - Meaning that your website will be programmed and designed from scratch. With this option, you can customize and add any functions or features to your website and requires a person with web development knowledge or programming skills to maintain, and make changes to your website. This option is usually more costly compared to other choices.

2) CMS - Content Management System (CMS) is a platform that allows you to focus on building the content of the website, while most of the website programming is taken care of by the platform. This option requires a little amount of web development knowledge to be able to customize the website. The functions and features of your website will be limited to the service provided by the respective platform. Example: WordPress, Blogspot/Blogger, Joomla.

3) Web Builder - Website building platform that allows you to build your website with no programming knowledge. They are mostly What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) platform that allows you to drag and drop to customize your website. The functions and features of your website will be limited to the service provided by the respective platform. This option usually will have a fixed subscription plan to unlock the full features of the platform. Example: Wix, Squarespace, Weebly, Google Sites. 

Next, determine whether are you going to manage the website on your own (or your employee) or outsource it to others. Either decision will have a direct impact on your budget.

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You can refer to the video below for a brief comparison between different platforms.

Who Are We  &  What We Do?

Creative Now Enterprise (Cre8tive Now) is a micro-business and Google Business Profile Agency based in Malaysia that helps to digitally transform SMEs businesses internationally. 

We have 4 years of experience with Web development, Google Workspace & Google My Business. 

We obtained Google Partner's recognition in 2022.

We provide consultation and services to develop your website specifically on WordPress, Google Sites, Google My Business.

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