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Digital Transformation for your Company: Go Digital, Go Cloud.

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Digital Transformation becomes a necessity when COVID-19 pandemic hit hard worldwide. Countries started to lockdown and most of businesses are unable to operate on-site.

We understand that Digital Transformation may cost you a lot if you are just a micro, small or medium enterprise. Thus, Cre8tive Now is here to help you in digitalize your business operation to cloud and automate your business operation to improve work efficiency.

With digitalization and cloud, your business can work from anywhere with any devices at anytime with internet connection. Automation further helps your business to reduce all the unnecessary time waste.

You can try the automation samples at our DEMO website.

Transform the way your business works now with Cre8tive Now.

You Grow, We Grow.

What is Cre8tive Now?

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The GiG Factor

In Cre8tive Now, we promotes and designed to support the Gig economy with greatly helps the millennials to fill-in the income gap with the increase of cost of living.

Besides that, by moving to Gig sector, Cre8tive Now are able to stay competitive in the market. However, this will not affects our quality of work since we carefully selected and interviewed the gig worker to become part of our family and foster better relationship and teamwork with each other.