AppSheet is a no-code platform that enables users to build a web app out of AppSheet or Google Sheets.

The AppSheet license is offered together with Google Workspace subscription and it is also available separately at $10 per user per month.
You can share to up to 10 tester (including yourself).

Email us at and specify the which app you are interested to get access to the demo app.

Price Compare App

Price Compare App allow collective inputs from users to record and compare grocery prices between shops easily.

Inventory System

Inventory System is designed for users that control check-in / check-out of parts with user friendly UI.

Facilities Booking System

Facilities booking system allow facility manager to manage the courts/facilities customized with sessions and payment information. It can be further customized to integrate payment gateway.

NFC Attendance System

NFC Attendance System combines the technology of Melody Tag and AppSheet to enables organization to record attendance easily with QR code or NFC.